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Welcome to Asepto Systems

For retail purchases in the U.S., customers should contact our dealers, or representatives who are listed below:

  • Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.

  • Main Branch: Tel: (651) 686-1600

  • Pearson Dental Supply, Inc.

  • Main Branch: Tel: (818) 362-2600

  • Arnold Dental Supply Co. Inc.

  • Main Branch: Tel: (425) 712-8786

  • Rotary Tool Company,

  • Tel : (503) 720-4229

  • Pacific Dental Products:

  • Tel : (503) 930-9759.

For immediate service please contact your local branch

  • Gene Cafferty (Dental Sales)

  • Tel: (651) 639-3910

  • Peter Coyne (Dental Sales)

  • Tel: (503) 720-4229

For wholesale distributors, or Medical/Dental suppliers outside the U.S., direct your enquiries to us via the "Contact Us" link.

We consider today that our efforts have been successful in no small measure by the many hundreds of dentists, as well as dental laboratories whom we can count as satisfied users of our products in the United States, as well as worldwide.

Our mission is to continue to serve our many loyal customers, including dealers, overseas distributors and of course clinicians and laboratory technicians, with quality products designed for the safety and well being of the entire dental team.

We invite you to browse our site and are ready to answer any inquiries, or provide you with prompt service.

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Gypsum Disinfectant


Laboratory Transport
and Specimen Bag


Deodorizer and